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AngularJS is an essential framework for dynamic web applications. It allows you to use HTML as your format dialect and allows you to extend HTML's sentence structure to express your application's sections clearly and quickly. AngularJS's information official and dependence infusion dispense from an awesome piece of the code you would somehow or another need to compose

SAngularJS is the thing that HTML would have been, had it been planned for applications. HTML is an extraordinary explanatory dialect for static chronicles. It doesn't contain much in the technique for making applications, and therefore lines manufacturing web applications is a movement in what do I have to do to trap the program into doing what I require?

About Stucorner

Stucorner,Laxmi Nagar is one of the leading and one of the best knowledgeable institute in Delhi. Teachers are very well versed in their respective fields. It has given so many enthusiast and laborious students to the corporate world. The students passed from this institute has been placed in top organization such as Accenture, HCL. Teachers have immense knowledge of their subjects and always ready to help in one or the other way.

Stucorner and Angular JS

Stucorner has very much arranged equipment lab for AngularJS training in Delhi. Hardware and Software are required to learn all the skill set for AngularJS training. Our coaches arrange job oriented AngularJS training. Stucorner is one of the very well equipped AngularJS training centre in Delhi. We give training on a real time projects which serves students in a better understanding. Stucorner and our mentors likewise help to understudy to get position in top MNCs by preparation at different strategies. We have designed AngularJS content and syllabus to accomplish their professional goals.

Stucorner is a standout amongst the most suggested AngularJS Training Institute in Delhi that offers hands on handy knowledge.Candidates will actualize the accompanying ideas under AngularJS – Introduction to JavaScript MVC Framework, Advantages of Angular JS, Modules, Structure of an Angular JS Application, Custom Validation, Unit Testing Tools, Services Architecture, Testing AngularJS, on continuous undertakings alongside AngularJS Placement Training modules like inclination test readiness etc.Stucorner is a standout amongst other AngularJS Training Institutes in Delhi with 100% arrangement bolster. We are following the underneath "P3-Model (Placement Preparation Process)" to guarantee the situation of our candidates. Our solid relationship with top associations makes us competent to put our students in top MNCs over the globe. We closely screen the development of students during preparing program and help them to build their performance and level of information.

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We give backup classes,so in the event that any student missed any class so he/she can cover up during that session.


HTML5 and CSS3
Knowledge of JavaScript
Good understanding of the Document Object Model (DOM)
Good command over JavaScript's functions, events, and error handling
Object Oriented Concepts of JavaScript


What is angular CLI/5
Difference between AngularJs and Angular CLI/5
Architecture of angular application
Software need for Angular
Installation of AngularCLI
Implementation of angular
Angular CLI introduction
Introduction of Visual Studio Code editor
knowledge of TypeScript
Overview of Built-in Directives
Working with Custom Directives
Introduction to Pipes
Overview of Forms
Dependency Injection (DI) & Providers
Routing and Navigation in Angular5
HTTP Service
Error Handling
Bootstrap of Module
Implementation of services in application
Bootstrap implementation in Angular