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Mechanization programming testing or in other words automation software testing is a system in which programming instruments execute pre-scripted tests on an item application before it is released into creation. The goal of robotized testing is to simplify however much of the testing effort as could be expected with a minimum set of scripts. If unit testing expends a substantial percentage of a quality confirmation (QA) team resource, for instance, at that point this procedure may be a decent contender for automation. Robotized testing devices are capable for executing tests, revealing results and contrasting outcomes and prior trials. Tests did with these devices can be run over and again, whenever of day.

In other word, Automation testing utilizes computerization apparatuses to compose and execute test cases, no manual inclusion is required while executing a robotized test suite. testing is to build the test productivity and create programming esteem. As a rule, analysers compose test contents and experiments utilizing the computerization instrument and afterward gather into test suites. The principle objective of Automation.

Why Automation?

Robotized or Automation programming testing is essential because of following reasons:
Automation Testing of all work processes, all fields, every negative situation is time and cost devouring
It is hard to test for multi lingual locales physically
Computerization does not require Human intercession. You can run computerized test unattended (overnight)
Computerization expands speed of test execution
Robotization enables increment to test Coverage
Automation Testing can end up plainly exhausting and henceforth mistake inclined.

Automated Testing Process:

Following steps are followed in an Automation Process-
Test Tool Selection
Scope of Automation
Planning, design and development

Benefits of Automation Testing:

70% speedier than the manual testing
More extensive test scope of utilization highlights
Dependable in comes about
Guarantee Consistency
Spares Time and Cost
Enhances precision

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