advance google updates in 2018 for seo ,smo and google adwords

As we all know about #Google for user its a search engine but for Promoter it is the key to success for exploring the business google was found in #4 sept. 1998 and today he makes its standability which we all know many SEO analysts always wants to know the latest updates of Google for doing SEO, Google Adwords for their clients, today we will discuss the all latest updates given by Google in #2018.


Google Updates of SEO #2018

1. No Fake news will be Publish:- According to Google user will not publish fake news, this is coming from the new updated one of the Google algorithm which known as KBTKnowledge-Based Trust).


2. Voice search will grow day by day:- from the survey google finds that mobile users are increasing day by day and peoples and many queries are coming from voice searches.


3. AI ( Artificial intelligence )world is coming in the generation:- Two years before Google launches its AI machine learning in its Rank Brain, Google updating its AI day by day for its users for better experiences.


4. NO unwanted guest posting:- in May google updte its robots to check unwanted guest postings and article submissions, in short don't manipulate the audiences.


5. Working with AMP ( accelerated mobile pages ) for fast indexing:- As i told you google working for vice searches for its users, AMP is also used for fast loading in mobile devices this is under Speed algorithm by Google.      

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